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In this Infinite Universe, there is One Law and One Love, acting in and through All That Is.

That Law is the Law of Being.

That Love is


...to a website that is dedicated to exploring practical uses of Spiritual Law, which when combined with Love, can create a new experience of Life. 

I believe that this is exactly what every person on the planet is looking for, no matter how they go about trying to find it for themselves.

I've done much study, meditation and listening prayer to grasp a single Law that works on every level of creation, because I believed that it had to be so.

This site is simply an attempt to see and explain what that is and what it could mean to the future of conscious evolution and our common experience in form.


I seek to bless as I have been blessed,

I seek to serve as I have been served,

I seek to love as I have been loved,

I seek to open myself to be as real, compassionate and clear
as the Beloved One God has been in every aspect of my life.

In gratitude, I open my heart and this site to your exploration.

May you be blessed in All That You Are!

                                     Will Seamus Ennis

To aid in your exploration, please start with the P & P (Principles and Philosophy) page.  This gives a basic undestanding of how I see this One Love and One Law.

From there you can go to other areas of interest.

Thanks for being here!